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5 Hour Film Festival

Room One had 5 hours to plan, shoot and edit a short film in one school day! The films had a maximum of 4 minutes to make sure we kept our films precise and interesting. We talked about filming techniques, camera angles and the need to have a plan...before we start filming.

Each group of four was given a genre (Western, action, sci/fi, comedy etc...) and a set line they had to say chosen by another group ("Don't eat that Harold", "Oh my goodness you have a purple nose", "you go girl!") . They were also given one prop (egg, banana, alarm clock, teddy bear) the day before that they had to use in the film and they had the option of bringing in costumes and props from home.

It was fantastic to see the creativity, the collaboration and the enjoyment on the children's faces as the day wore on. They were so engaged!

I'd like to run this again in Term Four and see if our filming, acting and confidence improves as the year runs on.

What do you think?

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