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Save your child's blog to your phone's homescreen

A great idea to get more involved with your child's blog. Easy to do and an easy way to remember to check up on their blog more freque...

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Encouraging in depth blogging

We had a good chat today about what good blog posts should like. We looked at some student blogs from 2015 that were of a high standard and found a few things in common. Points made by the students included that these students

  • Used personal voice
  • Used Exciting language
  • Were reflective of the learning experience
  • Stated opinions on the learning experience
  • Made posts that were about learning and did not deviate into talking about sleepovers/parties/puppies etc.
  • Used the language of a learner eg. because, I felt, I improved, I found this hard because, my next steps are.....

My aim is for all students to be at this stage by the end of the year. Like all learning experiences, it is a work in progress.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Save your child's blog to your phone's homescreen

A great idea to get more involved with your child's blog. Easy to do and an easy way to remember to check up on their blog more frequently.

On android, just visit the blog, then tap the traffic light symbol, tap add to home screen. Done.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Monday, 15 February 2016

Mandarin lessons

We've been lucky to have Emma come in and run 30 minute Mandarin lessons with the class. They are enjoying learning a new language and should be able to say hello, thank you and goodbye. The are working on saying 'my name is....' and we learnt a little about Chinese culture which the class found fascinating.

Students show off their 'little apple' dance skills.


Maker Space

A big focus for us early in the term has been to get our hands mucky and dig into some projects that involve thinking creatively and thinking for ourselves. We've also created a maker space at the back of the room which an ideal place for these projects to be born.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Google Ninja Tasklist

You need to have these things checked off by a peer File:Google Chrome iconFile:Google Chrome iconFile:Google Chrome iconFile:Google Chrome icon
An optional home learning opportunity. Complete all the tasks to become a certified Google Ninja!

Write a blog post with correct surface features that shows evidence of learning
Embed html code  into a blog post

Share a google doc with the class

Publish a google drawing to the web and onto your blog

Find the results of your google form

Comment on a blog post

Copy and paste text

Use keyboard shortcuts to insert a link

Embed a youtube video on blogger

Make a copy of a doc

Add an extension from the chrome web store

Add an app from the chrome web store

Add a table and adjust its properties

Add more fonts using docs

Add a page on blogger

Make a copy of a google doc

Send your teacher an email

Create a folder on google drive

Use revision history to restore an earlier version of a doc

Create a doc that is public on the web

Comment on someone else’s google doc

Make a screencast explaining how to do one of these tasks

Demo slam a new app/extension/trick to the whole class

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Creative time around the school

We are using the last ten minutes of every school day to unwind and be reflective and creative in our #365 days of creativity project.
Today, the students were let free to roam around the school grounds and find a place to themselves to be 'one with their surroundings'. The children said afterwards that they felt more creative during this time. Watch this space.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

First post of the year

Hi there and welcome to Room One's blog #teamawesome. The children are currently devouring chapter books from our Senior book room, so I thought I'd show some photos from our fantastic problem solving/team building activities yesterday.

The children had to create a pyramid of plastic cups using only string and rubber bands to help lift the cups up. It was a great activity to promote team work and communication.

We also had a go at improvising new rules for the game like only being to use elbows or feet! Fun times.