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Student Learning (B)logs

Lucie                   Zach
Freya                   Holly
Sharmaine          Quentin
Cam                     Leon
Ryan                    Sylvia
Luseane               Louie
Evie                      Charlotte
Thomas L            Leila
Harry                   Lily Jane
Jessie                   Ali
Tiare                    Oblio
Luca                     Cian
Boston                 Cara
Tom I                   Tom A
Asher                   Victoria


  1. you should look at waikane school tearamoana blogs for some more insperation welldone guys

  2. Wow I really like all your students blogs and I made sure that I read all of them because they really do deserve to have the title "TEAM AWESOMENESS" because their blogging skills show that they are. Next time could you please show us how to put that on blogger? Please could you visit Rakaia schools blog where you can go to ten Q students where it has my name so you can visit this amazing blog also known as my one!

  3. Thats cool i a have a blog on how to make tinfoil people my blog is libby blog rakaia school and its the second one to click on thank you


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