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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Google Ninja Tasklist

You need to have these things checked off by a peer File:Google Chrome iconFile:Google Chrome iconFile:Google Chrome iconFile:Google Chrome icon
An optional home learning opportunity. Complete all the tasks to become a certified Google Ninja!

Write a blog post with correct surface features that shows evidence of learning
Embed html code  into a blog post

Share a google doc with the class

Publish a google drawing to the web and onto your blog

Find the results of your google form

Comment on a blog post

Copy and paste text

Use keyboard shortcuts to insert a link

Embed a youtube video on blogger

Make a copy of a doc

Add an extension from the chrome web store

Add an app from the chrome web store

Add a table and adjust its properties

Add more fonts using docs

Add a page on blogger

Make a copy of a google doc

Send your teacher an email

Create a folder on google drive

Use revision history to restore an earlier version of a doc

Create a doc that is public on the web

Comment on someone else’s google doc

Make a screencast explaining how to do one of these tasks

Demo slam a new app/extension/trick to the whole class

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