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Monday, 6 June 2016

Our First Mystery Hangout

I recently met an Auckland teacher who has had his class participating in 'Mystery Hangouts'. His class had been 'skyping/Hangouting' with classes around the world and he asked if my class would like to have a go. In a nutshell, you agree on a set time to 'hangout' and then through a series of questions that can only be answered by 'yes' and 'no' you guess where each school is in the world.

The class loved the experience and there was a great buzz in the room as the children rushed to consult google maps and pass information onto the questioners etc.
Each child had a set role in the hangout. We had welcomers, questioners, Google mappers, runners, trackers, managers, Googlers, videographers, bloggers....

I loved how the Hangout meant that we had to work as a class to solve the problem. My favourite quote coming from the mappers who would shout out in gusto "I need a runner"(to convey information to the questioners). We developed key geographical and mapping skills and we had fun doing it!

 Photographing and filming the experience. 

Important mapping information being passed on. 

We are keen to try this again and I am in the process of organising some schools that are further afield than Auckland. 

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