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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Planting a Legacy

This Term has started with a bang. We've been lucky enough to have two tree planting experiences already. Our first was up the Grampians where we are planting trees to help the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary develop a 'Halo effect' (a safety net of native fruiting trees for the birds when they fly out of the Sanctuary). We had fun sliding around in the mud and planted one big podocarp or beech tree each.
 Rick from the Sanctuary pointed out this Kingfisher or Kotare on the way up to plant our trees. 

Happy tree planters

Next, we were lucky enough to get a bus up to the top of Piper's Reserve where we have been planting trees for four years now. It was lovely to see previous year's trees growing up big and strong. The kids were able to plant as many trees as they could in the hour provided. What a great day out!
 Great view from the top!
 Happy looking trees
Mucking in:)

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